The Brooklyn Green Heatmap: Mapping BK's Farmers Markets, Street Trees, and Major Parks | Rentenna

October 02, 2013

Which neighborhoods in Brooklyn boast the greenest environs? Which BK residents get to bask in a leafy confluence of readily accessible public parks, tree-lined streets, and ever-so-awesome farmers' markets while so many others throughout the borough -- and NYC overall -- are trapped in block after block of concrete and asphalt?

Brooklyn in Demand

Last week we shared Rentenna's NYC Green Heatmap for Manhattan, which focused on the best farmers markets, major parks and most tree-lined blocks in that crazy borough across the water. (Thank you, Real Deal, Village Voice, Ev Grieve, AG Beat & many others for spreading the word and for your awesome feedback!)

So what was the most consistent response we received?

"What about Brooklyn?"

So today we present Rentenna's Brooklyn Green Heatmap, visualizing Brooklyn's farmers' markets, highest concentrations of tree-lined streets, and major parks in a heatmap-style graphic (click graphic to zoom):

The Brooklyn Green Heatmap by Rentenna

Brooklyn Green Heatmap - Map of BK's Trees, Parks and Farmers Markets

Reading the Map

BK blocks with the greatest concentrations of street trees (not trees in parks, but trees actually lining the streets) are highlighted bright green, while areas with a medium concentration of street trees are tinted purple, and areas largely devoid of street trees are left clear. Farmers' markets are indicated by icons that read, well, "Farmers Market." And major public parks are indicated by the park name and a giant tree icon.

Mapping the Green Score for Brooklyn

Rentenna's Green Heatmap for Brooklyn is a map-based visualization of the Rentenna Green Score -- an objective rating of Brooklyn apartment buildings' proximity to farmers markets and major public parks.

Why the Green Score Matters: Renters Looking Beyond Price

As Americans become increasingly mobile, increasingly drawn to urban living, and increasingly likely to rent rather than buy, choosing an apartment has come to involve far more than a simple price comparison exercise: for many renters, issues like quality of life (which can mean very different things for different renters) have taken center stage.

So, if coming home to chirping birds, trees, and farmers' markets is your personal nirvana, scan the map above or look up your apartments on Rentenna by street address to see how their Green Scores stack up against your other rental options.

To grab the Brooklyn Green Heatmap for your blog or site, copy and paste the html below: